The Dynamics of Political Communication Second ed– PDF – EBook -


The Dynamics of Political Communication Second ed– PDF – EBook

The Dynamics of Political Communication Second ed– PDF – EBook

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  • Authors: Richard M. Perloff
  • File Size: 9 MB
  • Format: PDF / EPUB
  • Paperback: 513 pages
  • Publisher: Routledge
  • Language: English
  • CategoriesPolitics & Government
  • Year         :2017
  • ISBN-10:  1317228936
  • ISBN-13:  9781317228936
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What impact do news and political advertising have on us? How do candidates use media to persuade us as voters? Are we informed adequately about political issues? Do twenty-first-century political communications measure up to democratic ideals? The Dynamics of Political Communication: Media and Politics in a Digital Age, Second Edition explores these issues and guides us through current political communication theories and beliefs by detailing the fluid landscape of political communication and offering us an engaging introduction to the field and a thorough tour of the discipline. Author Richard Perloff examines essential concepts in this arena, such as agenda-setting, agenda-building, framing, political socialization, and issues of bias that are part of campaign news. Designed to provide an understanding and appreciation of the principles involved in political communication along with methods of research and hypothesis-testing, each chapter includes materials that challenge us by encouraging reflection on controversial matters. Inside this Second Edition you’ll find: Expanded discussion of conceptual problems, communication complexities, and key issues in the field. New examples, concepts, and studies reflecting current political communication scholarship. The integration of technology throughout the text, reflecting its pervasive role in the political spectrum. Accompanied by an updated companion website with resources for students and instructors, The Dynamics of Political Communication prepares you to survey the political landscape with a more critical eye, and encourages a greater understanding of the challenges and occurrences presented in this constantly evolving field.

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