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A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking Sixth Edition– PDF – EBook

A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking Sixth Edition– PDF – EBook

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  • Authors: Dan O’Hair, Hannah Rubenstein, Rob Stewart
  • File Size:  2 MB
  • Format: PDF / EPUB
  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Macmillian Learning
  • Language: English
  • Categories Words, Language & Grammar
  • Year         : 2019
  • ISBN-10:   ‎ 1319102786
  • ISBN-13:   9781319217099
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This best-selling brief introduction to public speaking offers practical coverage of every topic typically covered in a full-sized text, from invention, research and organization, practice and delivery, to the different speech types. Its concise, inexpensive format makes it perfect not only for the public speaking course, but also for any setting across the curriculum, on the job, or in the community.
The Sixth Edition is filled with new examples, research, handy tools, and digital support to help students master the basics of public speaking in the classroom and beyond. New speeches and examples from people like Will Ferrell, Emma Watson, and students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School engage students in current issues, demonstrate the impact of speech, and provide successful models. Practical advice on topics like how to determine which organizational pattern to use when, how to adapt to an audience, and how to incorporate inclusive language provide easy-to-apply guidance.

"The text offers a concise overview of the most useful public speaking advice on the market today." ―Kevin Rushing, Alverno College

"It is the perfect book for beginning public speakers who need a comprehensive overview of the principles of public speaking delivered in a concise, easy to read format." ―Elyse Warford-Spearman, California State University, Northridge

"This book is a pocket-size text with a wealth of knowledge." ―Ayanna Bridges, Metropolitan Community College

"A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking is a strong resource textbook in terms of content, readability, and accessibility. All of the main topics are covered with sufficient examples to illustrate the concepts." ―Melissa Johnson, Valencia College

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