Medical Terminology for Health Professions 8th Edition – PDF – EBook -


 Medical Terminology for Health Professions 8th Edition – PDF – EBook

Medical Terminology for Health Professions 8th Edition – PDF – EBook

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Medical Terminology for Health Professions, Spiral bound Version 8th Edition EBOOK

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  • Authors: Ann Ehrlich, Carol L. Schroeder, Laura Ehrlich, Katrina A. Schroeder
  • File Size: 56 MB
  • Format: PDF / EPUB
  • Paperback: 96 pages
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning
  • Language: English
  • Year         : 2020
  • ISBN-10:  9781305634367
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-337-11947-4
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MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONS, 8E simplifies the process of memorizing complex medical terminology by focusing on the important word parts—common prefixes, suffixes and root words—that provide a foundation for learning hundreds of medical terms. Organized by body systems, chapters follow a logical flow of information: an overview of the body system’s structure and functions, a summary of applicable medical specialties, and ultimately pathology, diagnostic, and treatment procedures. An expanded section on complementary and alternative therapies reflects the changing role of holistic health care. A convenient table of abbreviations is included at the end of every chapter, while resourceful appendices offer a listing of abbreviations, a table of word parts and their meanings, and a glossary of pathology and procedures. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.


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